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A comfy place

Explore diferent ambients in this calm island 

What would be on top of that cliff?

What is that black ball? Will i be able to go through it?

What would be at the bottom of that lake?


Move with WASD or arrow keys

Use mouse to look at things


Music made and produced by

Mothart (Victor Yeste)


PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(31 total ratings)
TagsExperimental, First-Person, Magic, Short, Surreal, Walking simulator, weird


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isla_mac_OS_X.zip 489 MB
isla_linux.zip 493 MB
isla_win.zip 489 MB


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bro please make this work for Mac OS i really want to play this.

Is there a problem with the current version?



Very nice game !

Love the surreal but relaxing atmosphere :)

hey, I'm excited, it seems like itch.io is recommending the project after a year


a late, but sort of collective shout-out to your work:

you really know how to create a vibe; this is a real gem, like the others you've created.

Thanks, I try to make interesting sites with little

Was honestly expecting it to be horror but was pleasantly surprised! Really enjoyed it, loved the visuals

doesn't open on macos 10.13.6 :(


EASY FIX: Download using Itch.io app


-Made a Video (04:58 / 2nd Game).

"The title did not lie, it truly is a comfy place..."

wow love the vibe of this <3

Really cool exploration game. Great work!

Is this a horror game?


Nono it’s more like a place where you can find some confort 

Your game starts at 18:03. This was really good. The environment changing as we moved creates a desire to explore and the visuals were awesome. The all knowing eye at the center was a smart way to direct the player. You could expand on this world very easily.  Hope you do more of this!

I just found your work around a week ago and I saw this game while browsing itch.io, didn't even know it was the same person that made those wonderful games I played a week before until checking the author after I finished this!

Is there any way we could get in touch? I've been making these types of games even though it's not through this account I'm on. It would be nice to share ideas though <3.

yeah sure talk me on instagram

Juanjo Raizes (@nosoymanelavila)

or twitter

Roger Castillejo (@Roger244596)

I made a twitter account because I've never needed to use Twitter before haha. Account is: @pyspyszuup


I really enjoyed this, the worlds with the music together were so pretty! Thanks for reminding me on Insta about your new game!


thanks for the support dreamy robot, we have to collaborate on a project sometime...

I would love to collab with you! If you need any 3d models or evnrionments, I'd be happy to make them for you :)


is this  the windows xp backrond

It was a very unique experience, I enjoyed it.


hahahah you found the note, it was a little easter egg, I'm glad you liked it

(1 edit) (-1)

didn't understand what to do in it.


i havent played it but i think is just to explore and feel the athmosphere


Nice. Þe atmosphere is perfect.

i really want to play this game but macos dont open it, it just says that the app cant be open.

also please use zip for mac or linux versions

im probably gonna do my own version of this game, might be a fun experience

What version do you have of mac os?

monterey 12.3.1 also i dont use the m1 chip

I'm afraid there is no way to make it compatible with versions higher than OS X

ummmm, what engine are you making this project on? maybe i can export it for you

I just used the itch.io app instead of downloading it from the site and it worked. Try that


Wow. The music's great, I love the athmosphere and the animations and general effects are amazing!

This is way too underrated.


Thank you but the launch was yesterday, give it time…

Thank you m8! rly appreciate it.